After surgery

Specialized personnel will, from day one after the surgery, take care of your recovery by defining the most suitable rehabilitation program for you and accompanying you through the gradual recovery process.

Rehabilitation can be started the day of the operation, subject to your doctor's approval. You may progress to weight bearing activities as tolerated and may discontinue assistive devices as your comfort level improves.

Taking care of your new knee

Follow your orthopaedic surgeon's instructions carefully to minimise any potential complications that could affect your recovery and your implant’s life span. These complications, however, are quite infrequent and some simple rules can dramatically reduce their likelihood.

Don't forget

Lead a healthy and active life.
In case of fever, throat inflammation, pulmonary inflammation or similar, tell your physician that you have a knee implant.
Undergo regular general check-ups.
If you have any concerns about your new knee, don’t hesitate to contact your physician and, finally,

...enjoy your new knee!