The MectaScrew PEEK interference screw is a non-absorbable interference screw for the reconstructive treatment of knee ligament ruptures. Developed to provide mechanical resistance and reliable fixation to allow the restoration of the normal anatomy of the injured ligament with the aim to provide stability and restore the functionality of the constructed ligament.



  • 19 configurations
  • Diameter: Ø6 to Ø12 mm
  • Length: 15 mm to 35 mm 
  • Material: PEEK


The interference screws are provided in different lengths and diameters:





Compatibility between the available MectaScrews and the screwdrivers:


  Cannulated screwdriver                                                                                        Noncannulated screwdriver




  • Blunt thread protecting the graft from laceration while ensuring fixation strength
  • Sharp threads at the screwdriver tip for an easy start 
  • Inner conical section for screw positioning and retention on the screwdriver
  • Torx connection for better load distribution
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