Look beyond
the ordinary

First FDA-Cleared Augmented Reality-Based Surgical Platform for Total Knee Replacement. An innovative platform that features advanced planning tools with unique soft tissue assessment, revolutionary tracking system, and augmented reality to potentially improve surgery accuracy and efficiency, with low upfront capital investment.

TKR positioning

Medacta offers the most comprehensive platform for Kinematic Alignment. The Medacta Individualized Kinematic Alignment (MIKA) platform includes a particularly suitable implant for kinematic alignment supported by dedicated technologies and a dedicated M.O.R.E. Education Program.

for life

An innovative implant designed to deliver maximum functional stability with the goal of increasing TKA patient satisfaction during activities of daily living and decreasing post-operative knee pain

The Ultimate solution
for Total Knee Replacement

Save time, minimise processing costs and enhance procedure accuracy: three great benefits for the growing number of TKR procedures. Medacta’s innovative technologies meet the needs of surgeons and healthcare professionals through a unique and complete solution:
Efficiency KneePack.

With the M.O.R.E. Institute
the surgeon is never alone

The M.O.R.E. Institute was created to provide continuous support to professionals in the field of Research and Education and improve patient outcomes