The MectaScrew B interference screw is an absorbable interference screw for the reconstructive treatment of knee ligament ruptures. Developed to provide mechanical resistance and reliable fixation to allow the restoration of the normal anatomy of the injured ligament with the aim to provide stability and restore the functionality of the constructed ligament.



  • 19 configurations
  • Diameter: Ø6 to Ø12 mm
  • Length: 15 mm to 35 mm 
  • Material: Poly(L-lactide-co-D,L-lactide)


The device product range is in accordance with the following diameter/length configurations:





Compatibility between the available MectaScrews and the screwdrivers:



  • Special screwdriver tip design to ease screw insertion
  • Sharp thread at the distal end to facilitate screw insertion
  • Blunt thread reducing graft laceration while ensuring graft fixation strength
  • Short tapered screw design without compromising interference compression
  • Allows circumferential tendon to bone healing proximally
  • A tapered section within the screwdriver connection allows for self-retention of the screw on the screwdriver, thus preventing the screw from undesired disconnecting and falling down