Medacta Corporate | M.U.S.T. Sacro Iliac Screw System

The M.U.S.T. SI Screw System is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for skeletally mature patients suffering from sacroiliac joint disruption, degenerative sacroiliitis and degenerative sacroiliac arthritis, secondary to pelvic disruption. 

  1. Cannulated shaft
  2. Windowed slots
  3. Self-Tapping screws
  4. Tapered tip
  5. Long Pitch, Dual lead
  6. HA rough plasma spray
  7. Titanium implants


Medacta biologics are made of fully synthetic bone that correspond to the calcium phosphate component of natural bone in chemical composition and crystalline structure.
Medacta offers bioactive, biocompatible biologics representing a suitable bone growth substitute, and can be easily applied directly into the cage.

Cement and biologics


The M.U.S.T. Pedicle Screw System is an unconstrained polyaxial screw, rod & connector design applicable to degenerative, deformity and trauma indications using traditional open or MIS surgical approaches.

M.U.S.T. Screw System