In hospital

What to bring to the hospital

  • List of medications that you are taking, amount you take, and how frequently you take them (do not bring all your medications)
  • DO BRING migraine medications if you are prone to migraines
  • DO BRING inhalers if you use them
  • Glasses, hearing aides, dentures, toiletries and slippers
  • Orthoses
  • Insurance information and an emergency telephone number
  • Wear comfortable clothes to the hospital - you will wear these home

The day of your operation

The surgical procedure depends on your spinal condition. Your surgeon will choose the best solution according to your anatomy and pathology.
The patient is comfortably positioned in prone or supine position over the operating table. A skin incision is performed and the soft tissue is gently moved laterally to expose the bony structures that need to be treated.
The spine implants needed are positioned within the vertebrae. The appropriate components sizes of implants are selected in order to restore and correct patient’s anatomy. 

You will wake up after your procedure in the post-operative recovery room. This is the area of the hospital where your condition is monitored and your vital signs are observed. Generally, a patient will only remain in the the post-operative recovery room for a few hours. From there, according to your conditions, you will be transferred to your hospital room on the ward.
Some pain around the incision site is normal, but discuss how you are feeling with your medical.