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We design with the patient in mind as our innovations
become part of their life experience

Medacta International is a Swiss company developing manufacturing and distributing
orthopaedic and neurosurgical medical devices worldwide.

20 Years of Innovation Supported by Education at the 9th M.O.R.E. International Symposium

From April 11th to April 13th Medacta’s 9th M.O.R.E. International Symposium was held in Lugano, Switzerland. The congress highlighted the growing trend of personalized medicine and the impact of customizable tools and patient-matched solutions in various orthopaedic disciplines.

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Medacta has officially entered the SIX Swiss Exchange

We are proud to announce that on 5th April 2019 the shares of Medacta Group SA were traded for the first time at SIX, opening at CHF 104.00 per share.

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