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Personalized Medicine 

A combination of products and services that will drive the evolution of the medical world. Relive the best moments and go over all the speeches!

With the M.O.R.E. Institute
the surgeon is never alone

The M.O.R.E. Institute was created to provide continuous support to professionals in the field of Research and Education and improve patient outcomes

More than an 
Anterior  Approach

A complete set of services that delivers healthcare efficiency with no additional costs

for life

An innovative implant designed to deliver maximum functional stability with the goal of increasing TKA patient satisfaction during activities of daily living and decreasing post-operative knee pain

Complete, Convertible,

An innovative shoulder replacement system that features a broad range of options and allows the surgeon to choose the best implant for the patient

Minimally Invasive

A 3D printed patient matched solution in the midline cortical approach, to combine an excellent fusion rate with greater predictability of the clinical outcomes

Rediscover the
natural ACL anatomy

An original concept to successfully mimic the native anatomical ACL in ACL reconstruction

Redefining better in Orthopaedics and Spine surgery

Medacta Announces Full Market Release of the GMK Sphere CR Insert

Medacta is pleased to announce the full market release of the GMK Sphere CR Insert after successfully meeting the milestones defined by the M.O.R.E Excellence Clinical Program. 

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NEUROSURGICAL REVIEW: Accuracy of cortical bone trajectory screw placement using patient-specific template guide system - Dr. Matsukawa et. al.

On the July edition of Neurosurgical Review, the paper Accuracy of cortical bone trajectory screw placement using patient-specific template guide system was published. The authors of the paper are Keitaro Matsukawa, Takashi Kaito and Yuichiro Abe.

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