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Medacta’s MySpine MC Wins MedTech Breakthrough Award for Orthopaedics and Surgical Innovation

Medacta’s MySpine MC Wins MedTech Breakthrough Award for Orthopaedics and Surgical Innovation

Medacta is proud to announce that today its MySpine Midline Cortical (MC) platform has been recognized as this year’s “Best Healthcare Navigation / Robotics Solution” by MedTech Breakthrough.

MySpine MC is Medacta’s surgical technique for lumbar stabilization procedures based on 3D-printed, patient-matched guides that will help positioning vertebral screws in the midline cortical approach. Medacta’s Midline Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) procedure provides high accuracy in screw positioning and robust posterior fixation through a minimally invasive, muscle sparing surgery. Short operating times, low per-case costs and a limited requirement for radiation exposure are further significant advantages of this technique.
“We are honored to have MySpine MC recognized by MedTech Breakthrough as one of this year’s most innovative medical technologies,” said Francesco Siccardi, CEO of Medacta International. “MySpine MC combines Medacta’s expertise in 3D planning tools with its industry-leading patient-matched guides to create a seamless, start-to-finish platform perfect for orthopedic surgeons looking to enter the personalized spine surgery space in the outpatient or inpatient setting.”
MySpine MC was selected from more than 3,500 nominations MedTech Breakthrough received this year across its range of categories. The awards are focused on bringing public recognition to innovations disrupting the international health and medical industry. 
Surgeons utilizing the MySpine platform benefit from access to a user-friendly navigation system that provides guidance and tools for every stage of the personalized spinal surgery process. This includes a pre-operative planning web portal developed by Medacta’s engineering team. A detailed 3D model of the patient's spine, obtained via a low-dose CT scan that limits radiation exposure, is then used to plan the surgery. The anatomical insights identified foster a deep understanding of each patient case and create an opportunity for complete personalization, utilizing surgeon preferences to plan implant sizing and trajectory. Based on this plan, the MySpine system develops 3D-printed, patient-specific guides that provide high accuracy in screw positioning, creating the ideal surgical approach for a true minimally invasive procedure.
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