First MySpine Surgery in the Netherlands

First MySpine Surgery in the Netherlands

Medacta is proud to announce that the first deformity surgery in the Netherlands utilizing the MySpine Platform has been successfully performed by Prof. Barend Van Royen.


The case was performed at the Amsterdam University Medical Center on 19 February 2020. “MySpine allows to better manage the entire process, from the pre-op to the intra-op phase. In a deformity case, where the pedicles may be small or the spine may be rotated, the system helps the surgeon to achieve a more predictable outcome.” said Prof. Van Royen.

Prof. Barend Van Royen was satisfied with the patient outcomes, as well as with the effective combination of the MySpine guides and the M.U.S.T. Pedicle Screw System.

To support surgeons in the application of the MySpine guides, the Medacta M.O.R.E. Institute has created a comprehensive education program for surgeons who wish to become proficient in the technique.

Experience M.O.R.E. on the dedicated MySpine webpage.