Medacta Corporate


Medacta is proud to announce that in May 2019 it reached the significant milestone of 350,000 AMIS PROCEDURES WORLDWIDE!


AMIS (Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery) is a hip replacement technique that follows both an intermuscular and internervous path to greatly decrease damage to periarticular structures while preserving tissue and which is supported by the industry’s most detailed surgeon training protocol. 
The Medacta AMIS technique has evolved into the concept of the AMIS Experience. The AMIS Experience is much more than just a surgical technique. It is also a complete set of services which provides for healthcare efficiency whilst providing economic and commercial advantages for both the hospital and the surgeon.
Within the AMIS Experience you can take advantage of:
  • SURGICAL TECHNIQUE: AMIS is an evolution of the anterior approach - simpler, more reproducible and less invasive.
  • MEDICAL EDUCATION: The M.O.R.E. AMIS Education Program has proven to be of the highest standard of extensive medical education, effectively easing the learning curve.
  • DEDICATED IMPLANTS: Specifically designed to facilitate implantation through the anterior approach, with success evidenced by clinical outcomes and customer satisfaction.
  • ADVANCED INSTRUMENTATION: Developed specifically to make the AMIS technique easier and more reproducible.
  • TOOLS AND SERVICES: Extras provided by Medacta to further support the surgeon, such as:
    • Medacta’s Patient Optimized Pathway “POP”, a holistic solution with a complete set of products and services to deliver a safe, improved and effective quality of care to all patients.
    • The MyHip*, an advanced system specifically designed to assist the surgeon with implant selection and positioning, addressing the challenges in total hip replacement and streamlining the pathway to a carefully planned procedure.
* Not FDA cleared