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Medacta announces First New Zealand Surgeries utilizing the AMIS Approach

Medacta announces First New Zealand Surgeries utilizing the AMIS Approach

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 Medacta International, the privately held family-owned global leader in innovative joint replacement and spine surgery products, is proud to announce the first surgeries in New Zealand featuring a combination of the QUADRA System straight stem and the Mpact System through the revolutionary AMIS (Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery) approach, have been performed in the last few months by Dr. Robert Elliott, M.D. at the ESC Centre, North Shore Hospital in Takapuna, Auckland.


The number of surgeons adopting the Anterior Approach to hip replacement is on the rise, with an estimated 20 percent of hip surgeons now performing the procedure. Medacta, thanks to the M.O.R.E. AMIS Education Program, is leading the charge in training and supporting surgeons transitioning to this muscle-sparing technique.
I’m very grateful to Medacta to allow me to emulate my fellowship experience in New Zealand. Medacta’s education and technical support are crucial to success” said Dr. Robert Elliott.
Offered as part of the M.O.R.E. Institute, the M.O.R.E. AMIS Education Program is a comprehensive offering for surgeons seeking to become proficient in the technique, including ongoing medical education and dedicated implants and instruments.” said Francesco Siccardi, executive vice president of Medacta International. “Many surgeons across 31 countries have received training through the program. In the field, surgeons have performed more than 300,000 total hip replacements utilizing the AMIS platform so far.
The AMIS technique, informed by decades of clinical experience, is now a succesfully muscle-sparing approach to total hip replacement that is associated with potential positive patient outcomes such as shorter hospitalization and rehabilitation time, as well as a faster return to daily activities. Today, the AMIS technique evolved into the concept of the AMIS Experience, as it is much more than just a surgical technique, it is a complete set of services which provides for healthcare efficiency supportive of economic and commercial advantages for the hospital & surgeon.
Within the AMIS Experience it is possible to take advantage of:
  • SURGICAL TECHNIQUE: AMIS is an evolution of the Anterior Approach: simpler, more reproducible and less invasive
  • MEDICAL EDUCATION: The AMIS Education Program is a tested and proven method of top level continuous education which effectively helps to smooth the learning curve
  • DEDICATED IMPLANTS: Specifically developed to make their implantation easier through the Anterior Approach, sustained by clinical evidence and customer success
  • ADVANCED INSTRUMENTATION: Developed specifically to make the AMIS technique an easier and more reproducible procedure
  • TOOLS AND SERVICES: Extras provided by Medacta to further support a surgeon’s practice
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