September 21, 2022

Medacta announces first revision surgeries in the US using the unique-on-the-market and innovative MyKnee R patient-specific solution


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Medacta announces first revision surgeries in the US using the unique-on-the-market and innovative MyKnee R patient-specific solution

CASTEL SAN PIETRO, Switzerland, September 21, 2022 - Medacta announced today the completion of the first revision surgeries in the US using MyKnee® R, the game-changing technology for streamlining and guiding total knee revision surgeries where even highly experienced surgeons can face complex and time-consuming procedures.

One of the most challenging aspects of revision knee arthroplasty is the detection of anatomic landmarks for proper positioning of the new implant. I found the MyKnee R preoperative planning capability incredibly useful in eliminating many of the surprises that we encounter intraoperatively,” says Jay Patel, D.O., at Atlanta Orthopaedic Institute, Atlanta, GA, USA.

MyKnee R provides personalized 3D interactive preoperative planning and a set of 3D-printed guide blocks. These guides are placed directly on the existing primary implant in situ to guide the placement of new implants from Medacta’s comprehensive knee portfolio, ranging from a lower level of constraint (GMK® Sphere and GMK® Primary) to semi- and fully constrained solutions (GMK® Revision and GMK® Hinge). These implants are part of a synergistic system that allows for intraoperative flexibility and are available with the SensiTiNTM ceramic-like coating, an option designed for reduced metal ion release.

With MyKnee R, it is also possible to plan the position of the GMK System’s revision options (i.e., 3D Metal cones, extension stems, offsets, and augments), addressing the high variation in knee revision scenarios with maximized versatility.

“Revision TKA can present many intraoperative surgical challenges, primarily due to substantial bone loss at the distal femur and/or proximal tibia. The unique ability to preoperatively plan and, most importantly, visualize the positioning, orientation, and sizing of revision constructs with MyKnee R has been extremely helpful in anticipating, evaluating, and treating some of these intraoperative hurdles,” says Kris J. Alden, M.D., Ph.D., at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, USA.

MyKnee R is part of the MySolutions Personalized Ecosystem, Medacta’s advanced network of digital solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency. Together with a comprehensive implant portfolio, from unicompartmental to hinged systems, MySolutions empowers Medacta’s holistic approach to personalized medicine, bringing value at every step throughout the entire patient journey.

MyKnee R is also supported by the comprehensive, tailored educational offering provided by the M.O.R.E. Institute. With an international network of expert surgeons, the M.O.R.E. Institute is at the forefront of education on total knee replacement techniques and products with personalized high-level educational pathways. With Medacta the surgeon is never alone.

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