July 29, 2022

Medacta Group SA reports 19.0% growth of half-year revenue

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Medacta Group SA reports 19.0% growth of half-year revenue

  • 1H 2022 revenue increased to Euro 211.3 million, or 19.0% reported (14.6% at constant currency1) from 1H 2021
  • Significant customer acquisition, salesforce expansion and product introduction drove the growth that was limited by pandemic restrictions and hospital staffing shortages in Australia and US
  • Compared to 1H 2019, revenue was up 36.5% at constant currency, representing a CAGR of 10.9% c.c., true growth beyond a mere recovery
  • Milestone of 100 NextARTM platforms in the market, driven by the full market release of NextARTM shoulder application
  • Outlook for 2022: we expect revenue to reach the top end of the guidance range, and adjusted EBITDA to trend towards the lower end of the range, in the absence of unforeseen events



CASTEL SAN PIETRO, 29 July 2022 - Medacta Group SA (“Medacta”, SIX:MOVE) announces today the first semester 2022 preliminary unaudited revenue.


Francesco Siccardi, CEO of Medacta, commented: “I am very pleased with the revenue performance delivered in the semester, despite the persistent challenging conditions in some geographies. We will continue to prioritize our future growth through the execution of our strategy, while adopting initiatives to mitigate impacts of macroeconomic and geopolitical developments.


In the first semester 2022, innovation continued through all business lines. Following 1,000 NextARTM surgeries performed worldwide in the limited market release phase, we reached 100 NextARTM platforms in the market. This milestone was driven by the full market release of the NextARTM Shoulder application in May 2022. In June 2022, NextARTM further enlarged its worldwide outreach with the approval in Japan. The NextARTM platform is offered as a hardware system with limited capital investment and single-use instrumentation at a low cost per case and offers the ability to host software for multiple applications for both joint and spine. The platform represents an optimal solution worldwide and particularly for U.S. Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs).

Our Marketing and Medical Education Programs continued, and we further expanded our network of expert surgeons with more than 500 reference centers active worldwide. In the first semester the release of Covid-related restrictions allowed for a re-establishment of national and international congressional activities.

In the first semester 2022, the expansion of our salesforce continued across all the geographies and business lines.

Revenue from our Hip products increased to Euro 101.4 million, or 11.1% on a constant currency basis; the good momentum was driven by the AMIS® strategy, supported by further adoption of the Bikini technique, and roll-out of new products.

Revenue from our Knee offerings were Euro 77.2 million, an increase of 16.1% on a constant currency basis, thanks to the continuous customer acquisition on Kinematic Alignment, Efficiency single-use instruments and GMK® Sphere implants.

Our Extremities business line reported an increase in revenue of 35.6% on a constant currency basis to Euro 12.9 million; the growth was driven by the acquisition of new customers through the completeness of the Medacta Shoulder System, supported by MyShoulder® and NextARTM personalized solutions, and the expansion of the Sports Med product offering.

Revenue from our Spine offering increased by 16.0% on a constant currency basis to Euro 19.8 million, driven by the expansion of MIS Platform and MySpine® offering.

Below we report the first semester 2022 sales break-down by product line:

(Million Euro)
1H 2022  1H 2021 Reported Growth Constant Currency Growth
Hip 101.4 88.4 14.7% 11.1%
Knee 77.2 63.4 21.8% 16.1%
Extremities* 12.9 9.1 40.9% 35.6%
Spine 19.8 16.6 19.4% 16.0%
TOTAL 211.3 177.5 19.0% 14.6%
* Extremities include Shoulder and Sports Med revenues


In the first semester 2022, the geographic mix from prior period shows a shift from APAC to Europe mainly due to Covid-19 restrictions in Australia.

Revenue in Europe registered an increase of 22.0% on a constant currency basis to Euro 94.4 million. The growth was driven by customer acquisition, together with normalization of surgical activities.

Revenue in North America increased to Euro 64.2 million, or 10.8% on a constant currency basis, thanks to our customer acquisition, which was limited by the impact of Covid-19 and hospital staffing shortages especially in the first months of the year.

Revenue in Asia Pacific grew by 3.7% on a constant currency basis to Euro 44.8 million, mainly driven by the attainment of new customers in Japan, which was limited by significant pandemic restrictions in Australia in the first quarter of the semester. Japan faced government price reduction late in H1.

Revenue in RoW was Euro 7.9 million, an increase of 31.8% on a constant currency basis, thanks mainly to increased purchases from stocking distributors in Latin America.


Below we report the first semester 2022 sales break-down by geographic area:

(Million Euro)
1H 2022 1H 2021 Reported Growth Constant Currency Growth  
Europe 94.4 76.2 23.8% 22.0%  
North America 64.2 52.5 22.2% 10.8%  
Asia Pacific 44.8 43.0 4.1% 3.7%  
RoW* 7.9 5.7 38.5% 31.8%  
TOTAL 211.3 177.5 19.0% 14.6%  
* RoW includes all other geographic locations, including Middle East.

These preliminary sales figures are unaudited for the periods ending June 30, 2022 and are therefore subject to change. The Company expects to announce its 2022 Half-Year Results on September 9, 2022.


2022 Outlook

Thanks to the positive business performance of the first semester, full-year revenue is expected in the top end of the original guidance range of Euro 400 million to Euro 414 million, at constant currency. In light of the current macroeconomic and geopolitical situation and initiatives taken to mitigate the impact, Adjusted EBITDA margin is expected to trend towards the lower end of the 29% ±100bp guidance range at constant currency, subject to any unforeseen events.


2021 Sustainability Report

Today the Sustainability Report 2021 has been published. The document provides an overview of all initiatives taken in our four materiality areas: Innovative Solutions, Caring for People, Caring for the Environment, and Caring for the Community, in addition to targets set for 2022.

Among the key initiatives in 2021 we signed a purchase agreement for 100% hydroelectric renewable energy in our manufacturing plants in Switzerland and resumed support of international humanitarian initiatives.

The 2021 Sustainability Report is available at https://www.medacta.com/EN/sustainability.


Webcast Today at 3:00 pm (CEST)

Medacta Group SA will present its preliminary unaudited top-line figures during a webcast today at 3:00 pm (CEST). The results call will be headed by Francesco Siccardi (CEO) and Corrado Farsetta (CFO). The conference will be held in English.

Live-Link: https://www.webcast-eqs.com/medacta20220729

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