October 19, 2021

Medacta extends the personalized medicine concept to total knee revision surgeries with the unique and innovative MyKnee R patient-specific solution

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Medacta extends the personalized medicine concept to total knee revision surgeries with the unique and innovative MyKnee R patient-specific solution

CASTEL SAN PIETRO, 19 October 2021 - Medacta announces the release of MyKnee(R) R, the newest addition to its MySolutions(R) Personalized Ecosystem. MyKnee R is the unique-on-the-market patient-specific set of 3D-printed blocks that can be directly positioned on the failed primary implant in situ, in order to easily proceed with its replacement. Starting from a CT scan, MySolutions engineers create a 3D reconstruction of the patient's joint where a failed primary implant has been positioned. This reconstruction is then used to accurately plan the positioning of a new prosthesis, chosen from Medacta's portfolio of total knee replacement solutions, ranging from a minimum level of constraint (GMK(R) Sphere and GMK(R) Primary) to semi- and fully constrained solutions (GMK(R) Revision and GMK(R) Hinge). MyKnee R is the game-changing technology to facilitate the introduction to total knee revision surgeries, where even highly experienced surgeons are often confronted with complex and time-consuming cases.

Regarding this aspect, Dr. Vicente Leon, the first surgeon to use the system at the Hospital Clínico Universitario Virgen de La Arrixaca (Murcia, Spain), says: 'There is nothing better than being able to rely on a patient-specific solution for each kind of knee surgery. Medacta has more than ten years of experience in patient-specific solutions, and I think that the MyKnee R is a great addition to this range of options. Thanks to the 3D preoperative planning tool and the possibility of accurately and quickly replicating the planning during the surgery with the 3D-printed guides, every surgeon can easily achieve conservative bone cuts, none or minimal alteration of the joint line and an optimized alignment of revision implant components, also when revising failed total knee implants.'

MyKnee R is part of Medacta's MySolutions ecosystem of personalized medicine products and technologies. Originally introduced as MyKnee(R) to address an unmet need for better implant positioning in the total knee replacement market, MySolutions can now also be used in hip (MyHip(R), MyHip(R) Planner, MyHip(R) Verifier), shoulder (MyShoulder(R)) and spine (MySpine(R)) procedures. In addition to patient-matched surgical guides, MySolutions also includes advanced planning and verification tools, augmented reality-based personalized execution, patient pathway optimization and clinical data collection and analysis.

Dr. Leon concludes 'Medacta has a solution for each specific patient's need, providing a comprehensive implant portfolio that covers unicompartmental knee arthroplasties, with the GMK(R) UNI and MOTO(R) partial knee systems, total knee arthroplasties, with the medially-stabilized GMK(R) Sphere, and also total knee revisions, with the GMK Revision System. These implants are also available with the SensiTiNTM ceramic-like coating, which offers a hypoallergenic alternative by reducing the release of metal ions into the patient's body. Now, with MyKnee R, also the MySolutions portfolio is complete, and every kind of knee surgery can be managed using Medacta's patient-specific guides.'

MyKnee R is also supported by a tailored educational offering. With an international network of expert surgeons, the M.O.R.E. Institute is at the forefront of education on total knee revision techniques and products with personalized high-level educational pathways, supporting surgeons with focused activities as they master revision. With Medacta the surgeon is never alone.

Discover more about MyKnee R and Medacta's knee portfolio.

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