November 4, 2020

Medacta Group SA proposes the election of Riccardo Braglia as new independent member of the Board of Directors at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 18 December 2020

Press Release

Medacta Group SA proposes the election of Riccardo Braglia as new independent member of the Board of Directors at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 18 December 2020

CASTEL SAN PIETRO, 4 November 2020 - Medacta Group SA ('Medacta', SIX:MOVE) announces the convening of an Extraordinary General Meeting on 18 December 2020 for the election of Riccardo Braglia as an additional independent member of the Board of Directors.

The General Meeting will also be called to pass resolution on the appointment of Mr Braglia as member of the Remuneration Committee. After his appointment, the Remuneration Committee will be composed of the independent directors Philippe Weber, as Chairman, and Riccardo Braglia, succeeding Alberto Siccardi and Victor Balli as members of the Committee.

Mr Braglia is the Group Vice Chairman of the Board and CEO of Helsinn Holding SA, the parent company of Swiss headquartered Helsinn group. Helsinn is one of the world's leading supportive cancer care companies, with a comprehensive portfolio of oncology products and therapies, production site in Switzerland and Ireland and growing presences in the U.S. and China. Mr. Braglia holds various additional roles within the Helsinn group, including the role of president of Helsinn Investment Funds (3B Future Heath fund), set up in 2016 to support early-stage funding and strategic support to innovative healthcare companies.

Mr Braglia holds various roles at other companies in the health care sector in Switzerland and abroad, including Thorne Research USA. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Swiss American Chamber of Commerce and Conquer Cancer Foundation USA.

In addition to his business endeavors, Mr Braglia is also active in the field of philanthropy. He is the co-founder and Chairman of Fondazione Nuovo Fiore in Africa - Switzerland, a foundation which focuses on the development and improvement of children education in Africa, and a member of the board of the Gabriele and Anna Braglia Foundation - Switzerland.

Recognized for his outstanding leadership within the Helsinn group, Mr. Braglia was awarded best Entrepreneur of the Year in Ticino in 2011 and the best Swiss Life Sciences Entrepreneur in 2012.

Riccardo Braglia was born in Milan in 1960 and has a Swiss-Italian nationality. He holds an Economic Degree from Bocconi University of Milan.

'I am delighted about the nomination of Riccardo Braglia as new member of Medacta Board of Directors' said Alberto Siccardi, Chairman of Medacta Group. 'Our Board of Directors will be further strengthened by the election of Riccardo Braglia, whose deep knowledge of the healthcare market, considerable international experience and proven track record will support the company in the ongoing development path' concluded Alberto Siccardi.

The Extraordinary General Meeting will be held in accordance with the provisions as stipulated in the Ordinance of the Federal Council of Switzerland on the policies for fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19 Ordinance 3 of 19 June 2020, as amended on 8 October 2020). Accordingly, shareholders will not be able to attend the General Meeting in person but they will be able to vote their shares by giving a power of attorney and related voting instructions to the independent proxy, either by returning the proxy form or by exercising their voting rights online as per the instructions provided in the invitation letter.

Further details about the shareholders meeting will be provided in the invitation to the Extraordinary General Meeting which is expected to be published on 23 November 2020 and which will also be available on


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