April 17, 2020

Medacta announces pay cuts to BoD and GEM members and publishes 2020 AGM invitation

Press Release

Medacta announces pay cuts to Board of Directors and Group Executive Management members and publishes 2020 AGM invitation

- BOD and GEM decided voluntary to reduce their 2020 annual compensation to soften the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic;

- Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on 19 May 2020 at the headquarters in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland, in accordance with the COVID-19-Ordinance 2.

CASTEL SAN PIETRO, 17 April 2020 - Ing. Francesco Siccardi, CEO of Medacta, says 'The COVID-19 Outbreak is heavily impacting all of us and is rapidly evolving around the world, we must respond to this Coronavirus pandemic with every action within our control to protect our business. In this regard, I would like to thank our members of the Board of Directors (BoD) and Group Executive Management (GEM) to agree in reducing their 2020 compensation and further extend the measures in place to fight this crisis'.

2020 pay cuts to Board of Directors and Group Executive Management members
To further respond at the pandemic and soften the financial impact in our business, both the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Management decided to cut their 2020 total compensation.

Our Founder and Chairman of the BoD, Dr. Alberto Siccardi and our Chief Executive Officer Ing. Francesco Siccardi decided to reduce their 2020 total compensation by 50%. The other members of the BoD and GEM will reduce their total compensation by 20%.

Medacta publishes 2020 AGM invitation
Medacta Group SA will hold its AGM on 19 May 2020 in accordance with the provisions as stipulated in the Ordinance of the Federal Council of Switzerland on the policies for fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19-Ordinance 2). Accordingly, shareholders are not allowed to attend the Annual General Meeting in person. Shareholders will only be able to vote their shares by giving a power of attorney and related voting instructions to the independent proxy, either by returning the proxy form or by exercising their voting rights online as per the instructions provided in the invitation letter.

The Board is proposing the re-election of Dr. Alberto Siccardi as Chairman of the Board of Directors. All current board members stand for re-election, except for Mr. Marco Gadola as previously communicated.

The Board is also proposing the election of the members of the Remuneration Committee and the approval of the compensation for the member of the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Management. Further motions include the election for the financial year 2020 of the Independent Proxy Holder and Auditors.

All details on the motions can be found in the invitation to the Annual General Meeting 2020 at

Medacta Group SA
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Phone: +41 91 696 60 60

About Medacta:
Medacta is an international company specializing in the design and production of innovative orthopaedic products and the development of accompanying surgical techniques for joint replacement, spine surgery, and sports medicine. Established in 1999 in Switzerland, Medacta's products and surgical techniques are characterized by innovation. Medacta is a pioneer in developing new offerings on the basis of minimally invasive surgical techniques, in particular its Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery ('AMIS') technique for hip replacements. Medacta has leveraged its orthopaedic expertise and comprehensive understanding of the human body to develop the sophisticated 'MySolutions' technology, which offers surgeons highly personalized pre-operative planning and implant placement methodologies by creating advanced personalized kinematic models and 3D planning tools for use in hip, knee, shoulder and spine procedures.