February 28, 2020

Medacta Spotlights Knee Sports Medicine and Knee Arthroplasty at the 2nd M.O.R.E. Australian Knee Symposium

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Medacta Spotlights Knee Sports Medicine and Knee Arthroplasty at the 2nd M.O.R.E. Australian Knee Symposium

CASTEL SAN PIETRO, 28 February 2020 - Medacta today announces its 2nd M.O.R.E. Australian Knee Symposium, which will be held on February 29 to March 1, 2020 in Gold Coast, QLD (Australia).

The Symposium will welcome over 80 surgeons from Australia and overseas who will gather to discuss controversies and complexities surrounding topics related to knee sports medicine and knee arthroplasty.

Following the success of the 1st M.O.R.E. Australian Knee Symposium 2018, this 2nd Symposium includes content on sports medicine, a growing business unit for Medacta, especially considering its recent approvals for multiple sports medicine products. The 2nd M.O.R.E. Australian Symposium features two main didactic programs, Sports Medicine and Knee Arthroplasty. Each of these will contain sessions and unique case studies, as well as an instructional course lecture aimed at senior registrars and fellows, chaired by professional surgeons.

Reflecting Medacta's ongoing commitment to continuous medical education, the symposium will include a total of eight sessions, which will take place over the course of the two-day meeting.

The Sports Medicine sessions will address topics such as ligament injuries, ACL reconstruction and complex soft tissue surgery, whereas the arthroplasty sessions will include content on auxiliary measures to improve outcomes, medially stabilized implants, optimizing patient specific kinematics, technology and tools, as well as revision and complex TKA.

The Symposium will be chaired by Dr. Myles Coolican, along with Dr. Stephen Howell from the Adventist Health Lodi Memorial (Lodi, California) and Dr. Robert Smigielski from the Medical University of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland) as international guests.

The 2nd M.O.R.E. Australian Knee Symposium is organized by the M.O.R.E. Institute, which gives hands-on support for surgeons transitioning to new techniques. 'Medacta relies on education to transform innovation into concrete benefits for patients, surgeons and healthcare systems', states Francesco Siccardi, CEO of Medacta. 'The surgeon is at the center of Medacta's ecosystem and we are committed to providing our surgeons with continuous support to more efficiently and effectively meet their patients' needs.'

For more information about the M.O.R.E. Institute, visit more.medacta.com.

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