MySpine is a patient-matched, 3D printed technology tailored to the patient’s anatomy allowing for greater accuracy in pedicle screw position: It is a validated technology supported by scientific data.[1,2,3,4,5,6] The main patient benefits of MySpine are:

  • Accuracy of pedicle screw positioning[2]
  • Patient-matched technology allowing for surgical technique customization
  • Reduced radiation requirements[1]
  • Reduced post-operative morbidity and shortened hospital stay[4]

The surgeon will ask you to have a CT scan of your spine. Medacta has developed a specific Low Dose CT protocol to ensure a safe image acquisition. In fact, you receive a dose of radiation similar to a single spine x-ray!

Medacta will create a plastic 3D model based upon your spine CT images for each of the vertebrae to be treated in order to select the best implant position and size for you.

Using the model of your vertebrae, Medacta, together with your surgeon, will create your personalized surgical instruments.

Prior to the surgery, your surgeon will receive the MySpine instruments and the plastic 3D replica of your vertebra. This will be analyzed to accurately prepare for your spine operation.