3DMetal Tibial Cones can be used for structural support in areas of tibial bone deficiencies that may compromise revision implant fixation.
With this new solution, the Medacta knee portfolio is even more comprehensive, allowing surgeons to address multiple revision scenarios, even for the most challenging cases.

 “Medacta's 3DMetal Tibial Cones are a valuable solution to recreate a proximal structural foundation for the intended revision implant by achieving proximal fixation and force transmission in the remaining host bone.” - Dr. David Manning

The instrumentation was straightforward to use and complimentary to my typical revision workflow. I was impressed with the surgical press fit of the implant.” - Dr. Kevin Hardt

 “I am very satisfied with this new implant and the result. From now on, this will be an excellent option for my patients.” - Dr. Dragan Jeremic


Centred and Eccentric options

Sizes and heights:

  • Centred: 4 sizes, 2 heights
  • Eccentric: 3 sizes, 2 heights

Material: Ti6Al4V (ISO 5832-3)

Porosity: 78%

Pore size: 850 µm

Very high scratch-fit feel for improved primary stability


3DMetal is a three-dimensional advanced biomaterial, based on 3D printing technology, that enables direct structural and functional connection with the bone through an interconnecting pore structure similar to the cancellous bone structure.

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