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Spine surgery Taeya Gurvine 16-year-old patient
“This woke me up, I’m starting to do the things I should have been doing a lot more of… now it’s with a different attitude. I’m not doing them because I should, it’s because I can.”

Knee surgery Gilbert G. 84-year-old patient
Gilbert G. was the first patient to benefit from the NextAR™ application for his knee replacement. A year later, after undergoing surgery also on his second knee, he tells how he has fully regained his quality of life.

Spine surgery Jerry Variola 69-year-old patient
Jerry, a 69-year-old retiree who loves to golf and spend time with his grandchildren, found that traditional pain relief did not work. MySpine changed his life and gave him his swing back

Hip surgery My AMIS Experience Patient of Dr. med. Martin Nolde
A few months after a successful AMIS procedure, some of Dr. med. Martin Nolde's patients tell us about their experience and their improved quality of life.

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