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BUSINESS WIRE: Medacta Showcases Surgical Innovation With MIKA, MectaLIF Anterior, and MySpine MC on Display at AAOS 2019

BUSINESS WIRE: Medacta Showcases Surgical Innovation With MIKA, MectaLIF Anterior, and MySpine MC on Display at AAOS 2019

At the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting Medacta International has showcased its robust personalized medicine portfolio. The recently unveiled Medacta Individualized Kinematic Alignment (MIKA) instrumentation and associated surgical technique, MectaLIF Anterior Interbody Fusion Device, and MySpine MC Surgical Guides, among other key products and offerings, have been on display at Booth #1432. Medacta has also hosted “Meet the Expert” sessions throughout the conference, where expert surgeon consultants have provided firsthand insight and field questions on the company’s products.

"Medacta is known for delivering innovations that move the orthopedic industry forward. We empower surgeons with new techniques that improve the experience for patients and the surgeons themselves,” said Francesco Siccardi, Chief Executive Officer of Medacta International. “The development of MIKA, MectaLIF® Anterior and MySpine® MC reflects this tradition as well as our focus on innovating through personalized medicine; we tailored each solution based on surgeon feedback to promote the best possible outcomes and greater efficiency in the operating room."
Medacta Individualized Kinematic Alignment (MIKA): Creating a Natural Patient Fit
Medacta collaborated closely with Dr. Stephen Howell, a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon at Adventist Health Lodi Memorial (Lodi, Calif.), for the development of the MIKA platform, based on the kinematic alignment technique he pioneered. Kinematic alignment, an alternative approach to mechanical alignment for total knee arthroplasty (TKA), has been associated with long-term implant survival and high patient function.1 The MIKA approach utilizes a custom positioning technique for each patient to restore limb and knee alignment specific to the individual’s anatomy, using the axes and joint lines of the native knee as references for the axes and joint lines of the artificial components.
MectaLIF Anterior: Enabling Customization Through Complete Modularity
Also on display at AAOS was the MectaLIF Anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) device, which features a completely intra-operative modular plate-and-cage combination design that surgeons can utilize to create an ideal fit for each patient with a single-click assembly process. 
MySpine MC: Promoting a Personalized, Minimally Invasive Approach
Medacta has also showcased its MySpine MC, the 3D-printed, patient-specific solution for midline cortical pedicle screw placement. Used in conjunction with Medacta’s supporting pedicle screw system, M.U.S.T., the MySpine MC platform allows surgeons to gain invaluable insight into each patient’s unique anatomy via a pre-operative planning portal and prepare accordingly; once the procedure has begun, the patient-specific guides may enhance accuracy and promote efficiency over traditional screw placements.
Medacta at AAOS 2019
Medacta has also showcased the Medacta® Shoulder System, GMK® Sphere Knee, MOTO® Medial Partial Knee, AMIStem-P Hip System, Mpact® 3D Metal Two-Hole Acetabular System and MasterLoc® Hip System at the AAOS meeting.

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